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Image marketing is one of my favorite ways to spark interactivity between a business and the public. Pictures and graphics can create an emotional response and ultimately could be the deciding factor of which business a consumer chooses to do business with. Who doesn't enjoy experiencing a positive personal connection with our favorite restaurants, salons, event/recreational venues and merchant shops?


I'm always impressed by businesses that take time to polish their logos, brands and content but how do they do it? And do it so well?!


Businesses use graphic design platforms such as #canva to create beautiful, unique and stylish designs to brand and advertise their business. I have spent hours crafting graphics, I love it so much! It must be a Virtual Assistant thing. 😉

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I know a lot of really, really good local businesses that are being ran by hardworking owners. I see these business owners making ends meet, bending backwards and still smile proudly with the work they accomplish. They don't stop and it's inspiring. They are busy bees!

I have also seen them struggle and my heart goes out to them. They struggle balancing their personal life, managing their employees / clients needs and the daunting task of maintaining and growing their business. Trying to run every aspect of a business alone can leave a busy bee burnt out and the business neglected.


For years, I've wanted to help out in some way but never could quite figure out how. Until I heard about this Virtual Assistant world. This service is new, practically unheard-of but it is a powerful way to ease the responsibilities of a busy bee and help them do business better.


I feel like I finally know how to help and I am so excited!

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