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Easy Breezy
Boho Travel

This summer I am a traveling nomad

& these items are some of my favorite pieces I've found.

These pants are so comfy to travel in!

I scrunch up the bottom to my knee so they make a capri style leg that I don't trip over and the waist is super flexible/comfy.

This is a must have for traveling!

I get SOOO many compliments on these shades!  They are super cute.  I love the style & colors available.

Love Roxy!  These sandals are light-weight, cute and since they are mostly black they do not show as being dirty as much.  Perfect sandal to travel with to look your best!

I love these Bluetooth headphones!  Connect to your phone or your laptop like me!  These are great for sensitive ears because they are over the ear.  Also love that they don't rest on my head but go under my neck.

I've been loving this slip while I've been traveling!  I can use it as pajamas if the evening is too hot or wear it under shorter dresses without worrying about anything showing!

This is a lightweight dress that has a pop of color!  Perfect for traveling with, use it as a swimsuit cover or going to on the town!

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