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How It Works

Hi there!
Here is the basic information on how to start working together. 
À Bientôt!

Step 1:  
E-mail To Schedule A Discovery Call

A Discovery Call is a 30-60 minute call for you to meet me and for me to learn what aspects I can assist you with in your business and how we can plan to do it.

Step 2:
Project / Schedule Proposal
& Contract

After our Discovery Call, I will create a proposal of outlined projects and a contract.

*Please note:  I don't want to hold anyone hostage by a contract.  The main purpose of a contract will be to uphold a set of clear and specific expectations.

Step 3:
Invoice & Create

I will send a Retainer Invoice link upon our agreed service package.
Once that is finished, I will create a shared profile on a Task Management Application and start syncing business programs. 
Let's get down to business!

◇ Root efficiency

◇ Cultivate clients

◇ Grow your business

◇ Harvest the bounties

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